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All of My Handmade Jewelry Uses Fine Quality Materials

All 5 Elements jewelry is handmade and uses the finest materials available. Semi-precious gemstones, crystals and natural minerals are used throughout. Custom products are available using precious stones of your selection (email or call for a special order-see full list below). When a precious metal is called for I use silver, gold or platinum.

Some of the stones I use in my unique handmade 5 Elements jewelry are: Jade, Amethyst, Coral, Pink Crystal, Tea Crystals, Amber, Turquoise, Fluorite, Jasper, Agate, Bronce, Fossil, Yellow Opal, Rose Quartz, Faceted Agate and Black Agate. Connective materials are of the highest possible quality. Many are shipped direct from the mines. All products are specially cleansed prior to shipment (see Why Degaussing article).

Precious Gems Custom Made and Designed Handmade Jewelry

Gemstones for Unique Mother's Day GiftsSpecial order precious gems are available using the same color theory as our semi-precious collection. Email sdirectly to Master Zhi Hai at zhihaifs@hotmail.com or call 646-271-6868 for design procedures and pricing. These extraordinary pieces are literally one of a kind and based on your exact 5 elements birthday information.  The precious stones available on special order are (color/ELEMENT):


Red gemstones are actually quite rare, and mainly occur in ruby, spinel and garnet. There is some very fine red tourmaline (sometimes called rubellite), but is not often found.


The most popular pink gemstones are tourmaline and spinel. Pink sapphire is lovely but rare. Rhodolite garnet tends to the purple-pink.


The classic blue gemstone is sapphire. Deep saturated blue is also found in spinel and kyanite. There are a number of choices in the lighter blues, including topaz, zircon and aquamarine.


The traditional green gem is emerald, but tsavorite garnet, chrome tourmaline and chrome diopside are good alternatives. Peridot, which tends more to the olive green, has become an important jewelry stone.


Citrine is the most common yellow to gold gem, but yellow sapphire is highly sought after. There are also good choices in harder gems such as beryl and chrysoberl. Yellow tourmaline from Malawi is very rare.


Amethyst is the classic example, though fluorite can also be found in an amethyst-like purple. There are wonderful violet hues in spinel, tourmaline and sapphire. Chalcedony frequently occurs in a unique lavender hue.


Spessartite garnet is the most famous orange gem but there are a number of other options as well. Orange sapphire is produced by heat treatment, while the finer fire opal occurs in hues from yellow-orange to red-orange.


These category includes both colorless gems, such as diamond, sapphire, zircon and topaz, as well white gemstones like fire opal, moonstone and high quality crystal..


It is fair to say that brown is not the most popular color in gemstones. But there are some notable exceptions, such as the peach-orange-bronze of imperial topaz, smoky quartz, Agate, Tourmaline and tigers eye.


The the most popular gray or silver gem is spinel, whose brilliance and single refraction show gray and silver at its best. Florite is also sometimes beautiful in gray.


By far the most popular black gemstones are tourmaline, onyx and agate. The black star sapphires only found in Chanthaburi, Thailand are also very popular.


I normally want to make my 5 Elements jewelry affordable to everyone but if you are a lover of fine, precious jewelry this option may be just right for you. All designs are pre-approved prior to construction.  Best wishes…. Zhi Hai