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Five Elements Jewelry are unique handmade Mothers Day gifts. This collection is beautiful, bold and based on 5,000 year old knowledge of "Universal Power". What better gift for your loved one than the gift of beauty and power. Each item can be ordered 1) as you see it or 2) custom made based on the wearer's birthday (see information below).

Handmade 5 Elements Jewelry: Chinese Zodiac Bracelets

Does Mom love the signs of the Chinese Zodiac? Beautiful Rose Quartz crystals are used in this unique bracelet which feature the exact correct "matching" zodiac signs spaced equally between these gorgeous semi-clear rose crystals. The benefits of this combination are extraordinary. Anyone who follows the Chinese Zodiac will love this Bracelet. Bracelets are customized based on the wearer's birth date.



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Additional Information

So many people understand that the Chinese signs of the zodiac carry special meaning and great power to create lots of luck. Every year people follow the signs of the zodiac to determine what their best actions are and who to associate with. These Bracelets instill the quality of an open heart and can help Mom feel connected to those around her. For detailed description of the extraordinary benefits of Rose Quartz Zodiac Crystals.
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Made with high rose quartz crystals and engraved zodiac stones, this Bracelet is a great addition to any jewelry collection.

These are custom made for the wearer’s birthday and include three of the twelve animals on each piece. Please select "custom" in the order form and be sure to provide her birthday info in the checkout area.


Custom Collection: Based on the Wearer's Exact Birthday: $98.00

Based on the ancient practice of Feng Shui and Five Elements, Master Zhi Hai will design completely unique handmade jewelry to bring extraordinary power and luck based on Mom's exact birthday. Crystals and stones are strung to optimize the power and good fortune to the wearer. Be sure to include Mom's birthday in the order form when you check out. This option is for those who want to leave the design in Master Zhi Hai's hands. These pieces are not exchangeable nor refundable.


These crystals are known to create and retain special energy. Before any item is sent we cleanse each piece and only handle them wearing fresh cotton gloves so the only person to touch the stones and create special energy is the recipient of this beautiful Mother's Day gift. A full explanation and instructions are enclosed with every order.


As a special gift to Mom we will include an authentic set of traditional Chinese earrings (seen below to match the color of your selected Five Elements jewelry).

Traditional Chinese earrings worn by Master Zhi Hai

Zodiac Rose Quartz Bracelets :

Chinese Zodiac signs are very powerful. There are two ways to wear zodiac signs. If for fun or fashion you can wear your own zodiac sign. But if you want real significant benefits you must wear the correct "match". In this case many people think they should wear "their" zodiac sign. This is absolutely incorrect. The wearer must wear signs that bring power and positive benefits to them which is ALWAYS signs which "match" their zodiac sign.

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For example, "match" zodiac signs can bring you someone to support you in a variety of aspects of your life, like giving you knowledge, caring about you, listening with attention, aspiration, and even money support. Zodiac "match" means everything will go smoothly on your behalf with satisfaction, and mutual support. Some of the benefits include affectionate, love, harmony, joy, wealth, partnership, development and good energy. Knowing your "match" can bring good people into your life to promote success in career or business.
Rose Quartz Effect: , corresponds to the "heart chakra" representing love. Rose Quartz absolutely improves relationships, love, and strengthens the wearer's own charm.

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In health, Rose Quartz strengthens the heart and lung function and also relaxes the tension.
Red Agate Effect: Enhances personal courage and the magnetic field to attract positive energy, good luck and enhanced fortune!
Who should wear a Zodiac Rose Quartz bracelet!

1. The person who's heart is closed and needs more friends.
2. The person who has too much self-control and is unhappy in the long term.
3. Where harmonious office connections are needed. Zodiac "match" creates more opportunity to make new friends. Rose Quartz allows you to open your heart and make people like you such as customers, superiors, subordinates and colleagues.
4. Where more business opportunity is sought: Zodiac "match" is your best weapon to expend your sales, services and increase clients.
5. Couples who want to improve their relationship and gain a more happy love life.
6. Unfortunately, if your relationship is breaking up, Rose Quartz can help you cure the wounds of love, make more friends, and find love.

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Who should NOT wear Rose Quartz crystal bracelet: If you have many friends and lovers than you probably belong to what we call the "peach blossom" sign. Since Rose Quartz match zodiac brings you more people, friends and relationships the Rose Quartz can create too much abundance which is not good because your 5 Elements will not be in "balance".

I realize this may seem complex but I make it easy. ALL Rose Quartz Zodiac bracelets are custom made based on your birthday so I give you immediate advice .

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Q: How to make "zodiac rose quartz bracelet" get the best results?
A: hold the "zodiac rose quartz bracelet" before wearing, thinking of your achievements, then wear it. communicate with it more often.
Q: How do I protect "zodiac rose quartz bracelet"?
A: Do not let people touch your bracelet, especially a person with an unlucky life. Limit direct sunlight as the Rose Quartz can fade to white over time.
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