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Five Elements Jewelry are unique handmade Mothers Day gifts. This collection is beautiful, bold and based on 5,000 year old knowledge of "Universal Power". What better gift for your loved one than the gift of beauty and power. Each item can be ordered 1) as you see it or 2) custom made based on the wearer's birthday (see information below).

Handmade Elementals Jewelry: Bracelet – Earth – Chestnut Brown

Elementals-Strong and bold. Brown is the Earth Element. Thick with love, credibility, honoring to one’s word … solid like the Earth. This beautiful handmade Mothers Day gift is fashioned from extraordinary minerals that are veined in white and circular flowing patterns. Some have called it lucky jewelry.

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Additional Information

The Earth Element is very strong and solid like the ground we stand on. The Earth bracelet’s leading and facing color is brown/coffee. Notice the way the energy transfers from earth(brown)-metal(gold)-water(blue)- wood(green)-fire(red & pink) and back to earth(brown). People who are drawn to brown or who are born under this elemental sign can literally feel the energy when they first pick up the bracelet.

If your mother's favorite color is brown or coffee, she will get the most beneficial energy from this special bracelet to achieve her life goals. Some call the bracelets lucky jewelry but that description only hints at the fine quality and beauty the wearer will enjoy.

Master Zhi Hai can create a custom set (bracelet and necklace) just for your Mother based on her exact birthday. Simply select "custom" in the order form and be sure to provide her birthday info in the checkout area.


As Seen Here: $78.00

It's easy to order just the right piece for Mom. Most people have a natural instinct and are drawn to their best element which often times is related to their favorite color. If this item is right for Mom, choose "As Seen Here".

Custom Collection: Based on the Wearer's Exact Birthday: $98.00

Based on the ancient practice of Feng Shui and Five Elements, Master Zhi Hai will design completely unique handmade jewelry to bring extraordinary power and luck based on Mom's exact birthday. Crystals and stones are strung to optimize the power and good fortune to the wearer. Be sure to include Mom's birthday in the order form when you check out. This option is for those who want to leave the design in Master Zhi Hai's hands. These pieces are not exchangeable nor refundable.


These crystals are known to create and retain special energy. Before any item is sent we cleanse each piece and only handle them wearing fresh cotton gloves so the only person to touch the stones and create special energy is the recipient of this beautiful Mother's Day gift. A full explanation and instructions are enclosed with every order.


As a special gift to Mom we will include an authentic set of traditional Chinese earrings (seen below to match the color of your selected Five Elements jewelry).

Traditional Chinese earrings worn by Master Zhi Hai