five elements

What is Your Element?

It is important to understand that the determination of your Element is only the first step in creating a powerfully positive piece for you to wear. Two people can have the same Element and be quite different. Take , for example, Red-FIRE Element. One person with an excess will be too argumentative and combative while another may lean toward passion or be weak when it comes to “hot spirits”. What determines the exact nature of the person and therefore what elements they need to “balance” their energy is a careful study of their exact birthday. And it is this process that makes this a great and unique mother’s day gift.

There are three ways to do this.

1) The simplest way is to ask the person (your mother) what her favorite color is. This is not to scientific but from my experience people are often drawn to colors that they need to balance their elements. So choose the wearer’s favorite color. This is the simplest way.

 2) The second is to use a program to calculate your Element. We are working on one which will be posted on the Emperor’s Walk Site. This is better and more accurate but does not take into account the excess or deficiency of the element. As soon as the calculator is avilable we will post it.

 3) The third method  is to have an experienced Feng Shui practitioner study your exact year, month, day and hour of your birth (or the wearer’s birth) which gives you a very precise indication of your Five Elements characteristics. With this in hand a perfect piece of jewelry can be created to help you balance your strengths and weaknesses resulting in a more powerful, productive and happy life.

Most important is the order in which colors are matched. Don’t be fooled by pieces that call themselves five elements but have no explanation of why the order of the colors is the way it is. They are merely “marketing” a product. You need an expert practitioner to really give you the best advice and design for the most powerful and positive outcome.