Why Degaussing Is So Important.

Why should handmade jewelry products be “cleansed” (degaussed) before we send to you? Crystal and other precious stones have a memory. They store energy and magnetic fields. Degaussing is a kind of purification to  eliminate old residual energy. Because stones are handled by many individuals before they are made into any kind of jewelry, removing the influence of those people is very important.

How does the manufacturing process impact the retention of energy and the end user’s experience?

From the exploitation of the mine through the washing, grading, packaging, transportation, customs, warehousing, wholesale and retail process one has no idea how many people contact gems in this process. All of their energy collects on the gems and it must be removed. That is why I spend a full hour or more “cleansing each piece before I carefully wrap it in protective packaging and send it to my clients.

Degaussing eliminates the residual energy and restores crystal and precious stones to their original appearance. A kind of memory between heaven and earth… originally neither good nor evil energy … the crystal is neutral.

I have done this experiment by myself.  I bought a piece of crystal back from Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, New York. The first night without degaussing I put it in my bedroom.  I had nightmares all night … one after another. The next day, I degaussed it with sea salt water ( a common degaussing method). Sure enough, the next night, my dreams were less than half and no longer were full of fear. Next, I used the daylight degaussing method, moonlight degaussing method, and so on. Finally, I use my Ancient: Five Element and  Big Dipper water degaussing for more than two hours. It really worked like a miracle. I slept the all night without dreams until dawn.

When I do  Feng Shui for my clients, I have encountered a lot of cases of people who wear jewelry for luck, but the result is unlucky. When I asked the reason I learned they just wore it after they bought it from a store. They have no idea what degaussing is. I hope this bit of knowledge helps you in the future… Zhi Hai