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quality materials

All of My Handmade Jewelry Uses Fine Quality Materials All 5 Elements jewelry is handmade and uses the finest materials available. Semi-precious gemstones, crystals and natural minerals are used throughout. Custom products are available using precious stones of your selection (email or call for a special order-see full list below). When a precious metal is Continue Reading


Why Degaussing Is So Important. Why should handmade jewelry products be “cleansed” (degaussed) before we send to you? Crystal and other precious stones have a memory. They store energy and magnetic fields. Degaussing is a kind of purification to  eliminate old residual energy. Because stones are handled by many individuals before they are made into Continue Reading

five elements

What is Your Element? It is important to understand that the determination of your Element is only the first step in creating a powerfully positive piece for you to wear. Two people can have the same Element and be quite different. Take , for example, Red-FIRE Element. One person with an excess will be too Continue Reading