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What is Five Elements Science & How Does it Help You?

Fundamentally, each person is associated with one of Five Elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. Importantly this is based on the EXACT year, month, day and time they were born and is NOT grouped by month. This is a very old Feng Shui Master Zhi Hai wearing Unique mothers day giftexact art/science that has survived time and become adopted by modern science as the basis of an integrative approach to healing.

The Five Elements has been used in traditional Chinese medicine, Feng Shui, music, military strategy and martial arts. It is the system of understanding the relationships between basic elements of the universe and corresponding elements within our bodies, character and relationships… the ultimate motivational/strategic tool.

These elements can be dominant in one’s character (ascending) or weaker (descending). So two people whose element is the same may have distinctly different character traits. Even the same trait can be looked at as a strength or weakness needing to be balanced for optimal performance and grace of life.


Five Elements Theory

Visual of Five Elements Interactions

Five Elements in Feng Shui

In Feng Shui (the study of our relationship to our environment) Five Elements are directly related to color and colors impact our lives because of the relationship to Five Elements.

Actually the color yellow when depicted as earth is not correct. The actual color is more like earth-brown. While yellow is more like metal (gold). This is a common error made by most people.

It is the goal and practice of the Five Elements to bring these various forces into balance.

How does Five Elements Jewelry assist in balancing character strengths, health, happiness and success?

Once I understand the dominant element in your life (based on birth date) I am able to Unique Mothers Day Jewelry-Five elements Wood Green Braceletbalance the colors/elements you wear. The crystals used have proven to attract and retain certain energies. It is this attraction and retention that allows the wearer to carry with them their Five Elements “support system” uniquely designed in terms of color, materials and specific patterns incorporated into each piece.

Custom Versus Your Selection

There is no question that a custom made piece is superior. However, many people have asked me how does a piece of jewelry picked out by the “wearer” work if there is no specific birth date provided? It is the exact relationship of color to each element that makes this possible. Most people have a favorite color. That favorite color, I have learned over many years, is usually aligned with their particular “elemental need”. They instinctively know what element they need to balance their  life.



What Are My Goals in Designing Unique Five Elements Mother’s Day Gifts.

It has been my goal to help people obtain a happier, healthier more prosperous life. My 30+ years of study in Architect, Feng Shui and Metaphysics has all been directed at The Emperor's Walkthat one goal. My introduction of the Emperor’s Walk in 2011 was specifically dedicated to those goals.

My jewelry line is simply an extension of my desire to make it possible for people to achieve a truly happy and graceful life, full of abundance.

Enjoy the Five Elements. Try them. If they work for you move on to more custom pieces. Live life happily and full of color and power.

I wish you much success and happiness.

Master Zhi Hai.

NOTE: For a very technical explanation of Five Elements I suggest starting with the Wiki with the clear understanding that certain information there does NOT strictly adhere to a complete understanding of Five Elements and Feng Shui, For example they suggest that the Earth color is yellow when in fact it is more on the brown side. The differences are minor and the article is a good basis for beginning knowledge.

I am also happy to discuss any  portion of my studies with anyone who wishes to reach out. Master Zhi Hai 646-387-4768